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5 Things to Check With a Well Drilling Company

You’ve gone through the process of hiring a well drilling contractor. You’ve gotten an estimate and signed a contract. Now the work is done and your water is flowing as it should. But there’s one last step you should take before the well drillers leave your Brevard, NC property. You should always make sure that the work has been done properly. This requires a little more work than just turning on the faucet. Here are five things you should always check once your well is installed.

  1. Get a copy of the well record. Well drillers must give homeowners a copy of the well construction record. Make sure you receive this. Then put it in a safe place so that you’ll have access to it in the future.
  2. Make sure the well cap is on. Ask your contractor to confirm that the well cap is on tight. Also make sure that it’s at least six inches above ground.
  3. Verify that the well was disinfected. Wells need to be disinfected after they’re installed or after any work is performed. This guarantees the safety and purity of your drinking water.
  4. Check the well depth. Ask the well driller to show you how deep the well is using a tape. Check this measurement against what’s listed on the well drilling record.
  5. Confirm what the well will yield. Well drilling companies will test a new well to see how many gallons per minute it pumps out. Always ask how the well performed and how the water levels reacted during the test.

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