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How Does Groundwater Become Polluted?

The purity of our groundwater is something we should all be concerned with. This is doubly true if you have a well at your home. After all, if your groundwater isn’t pure, your family won’t be getting the fresh, healthy water you need. While contamination is rare, it still pays for you to be aware of the dangers. Hamilton Well & Pump offers well water testing and wants your water to be of the highest possible quality. Here are some common ways your groundwater can become polluted.

Residential causes

Think about things around your home that could contaminate your groundwater. Improper storage of fuels or chemicals around your property could cause your well water to become polluted. Homeowners with septic tanks should pay attention, too.

Commercial causes

Do you live near a commercial business that uses chemicals? Pay attention to your surroundings and call your water authority if you notice anything different or unusual.

Industrial causes

Industrial facilities are also at risk of causing groundwater pollution. Mills and other types of plants can have negative effects on the surrounding groundwater supply.

Agricultural ramifications

If you live on or near a farm, pay attention to the quality of your groundwater. Fertilizer and animal waste are two common contaminants. that can seep into the ground – and ultimately your water supply. Get regular well water testing if you live on or near farmland.

While these are more serious pollution problems, there are also everyday minerals that can keep your water from being its best. These are actually the most common types of issues we find when we test residential wells. Although they’re not as scary as chemical pollution, they can adversely affect the quality, smell, and taste of the water you drink.

Call Hamilton Well & Pump for well water testing to see how pure your water is. If we find any impurities, we may recommend a water filtration system. We’ll always look out for you and your family!

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