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What Should Be Included in a Well Drilling Estimate?

You’re in the process of hiring a well drilling contractor. At some point in your discussions, the cost of the new well will come up. When this happens, you need to be familiar with how wells are priced and what sort of information a well drilling contractor should give you.

For starters, a reputable drilling company will give you an itemized list of all expenses. This should include an overall estimate, of course, but should also break down the individual components and their costs. Anyone who doesn’t want to do this may be trying to hide something. You may be better off going with another contractor.

When you look at the itemized list, you could see a number of different things listed. These include the labor costs, which may be broken down as the cost of drilling per foot, as well as the cost per foot of casing. Other materials may be listed, too, such as the well cap, grout, and drive shoes.

In addition to the drilling costs, other operations may be listed. Some examples are test pumping, grouting, and disinfection. You may also want to talk to your well driller about what costs (if any) may be incurred if the well has to be abandoned. Sometimes this happens if water isn’t found at the drilling site. There will also be additional costs in the event that deeper drilling is required or if a second well has to be dug. While you may not encounter these situations at your site, it’s important to know what can happen and how much it will cost to find a solution.

While you’re reviewing the well drilling estimate, be sure to ask about any costs that aren’t included. You don’t want to be surprised by a higher bill at the end of the job.

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