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What Can Contaminate a Well?

A contaminated well is dangerous. If it’s not caught quickly enough, it can result in poor health – or worse. This is why it’s so important that you get your well water tested on a regular basis for your personal safety. However, there are a few other instances when calling a well drilling company for testing is a good move. Here are some tips from Hamilton Well & Pump, a full-service water well pump repair company in Brevard, NC, on how to prevent or catch a contaminated well before it’s too late:

  • Is decomposing waste nearby? – Garbage that’s placed too close to your well can contaminate your water source. Make sure you place your trash far away from your well.
  • Do you have construction on your property? – If there’s any construction going on around your home, please call us to come by and test your well both during and after the project. Dust, bacteria, and harsh minerals are introduced during construction process, as well as during remodeling projects. These contaminants can wind up in your well water.
  • Is an industrial facility close by? – Industrial facilities run the risk of releasing chemicals or other waste into public water sources. If there’s the potential for this to come in contact with your private water, get your well tested regularly.
  • Is erosion a problem? – Erosion can allow harsh minerals to seep around your well, introducing contaminants to your water source.
  • Has flooding been a problem? – Major floods carry all sorts of dangers, including allowing contaminants to find a way into your water. Call us as soon as possible after flooding occurs for testing and repairs for your well.
  • Have you noticed surface runoff? – Runoff can carry pollutants that have built up on asphalt or other surfaces into your water. If you live by a commercial property, you should definitely get your water tested by a well service and repair near you.

If you suspect that your well has been contaminated, don’t wait! Call Hamilton Well & Pump today for testing. Our well drilling company is committed to keeping your drinking water safe.

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