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Winter Plumbing Advice for Your Home

It’s getting colder and colder outside – are you ready? More importantly, is your house ready for winter? It’s very important for homeowners to pay attention to their plumbing during this time of year. Ignoring it can lead to some big problems that can develop rather quickly. As your local provider of plumbing services, Hamilton Well & Pump wants to help you avoid any trouble. Today we want to share some top winter plumbing tips with you.

Take preventative measures against frozen pipes

For starters, start taking steps to protect your home’s exposed piping. Wrap pipes in insulation wrap or tape. Let faucets slowly drip water when temperatures are extremely low. If you’re installing pipes, place them in a heated or insulated area. If at all possible, don’t have them installed in chilly, open areas like a garage.

Pay special attention to your bathroom and your kitchen

Next, be sure to use caution when dealing with your bathroom and kitchen appliances and fixtures. For instance, be especially mindful of your garbage disposal and clear it out often. As for your bathroom, set limited time intervals for showers. Turn your water heater up, but not past 125°F. Anything higher than that can be bad for your skin – or could even cause burns.

Stuck with a frozen or burst pipe? Don’t wait to act

Should you notice that one or more of your pipes have frozen over, don’t sit back and ignore them. A frozen pipe can quickly become a busted one, which is an expensive issue to fix. When you notice frozen pipes, turn off the water main line immediately. Then contact your local plumbing services for help.

Contact Hamilton Well & Pump if you find that you’re in need of any of our plumbing services. Let us help you stay stress-free when it comes to your plumbing and the wintry climate ahead.

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